Corporate Social Responsibility of Xperience Pakistan

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Why is being socially responsible important to me and my company?

A good business is one that ensures that the local community grows and develops along with their growth. My business is made of the growth and success of Pakistan, therefore its vital a play a positive contribution into its development.

We aim to do this, through job creation, driving trade to local businesses, whether that’s hoteliers, restaurants or retail.

We’ve collaborated with the Shahid Afridi Foundation a local charity with whom we’ve collaborated to facilitate the wonderful work they are doing for Pakistan. A minimum of £25 is donated, from every package we sell.

However, communities on the ground, who don’t have assets from which they can build off, where their only assets are their determination to have a better life or the craftsmanship they have, are ones that we are particularly passionate about. With this in mind we’ve incorporated experiences, which we feel would be enlightening and enjoyable for the overseas consumer but also directly impact the local community. Examples of this are organizing cricket with the local children in the valleys or working with the SOS villages and requesting you, the consumer, to tip them in return. Playing cricket in lovely parks and professional indoor nets or pitches overseas is great but nothing beats playing cricket in the homeland in the streets or valleys of Pakistan, as Pakistani’s have grown up doing. This provides respite and enjoyment for these children and adds something unique to your experience.

On every street corner a tandoor is visible and the aromas of the freshly made roti, makes all of us hungry, we’ve incorporated an experience to make a tandoori roti at a tandoor as part of the food tours, we only request you tip the tandoor in return for this experience. In hot sweltering work conditions, where there isn’t much to be earned, such tips as an additional source of income, would be welcomed by them.

Our food tours have been developed with Chefling Food Tales and we work with local cafes and entrepreneurial women in the Valley’s of Pakistan.

On a slightly more commercial level we are working with local artisans, ensuring they are given the chance to directly sell to you and benefiting from the full profit rather than the retailers, through whom they would normally sell. An interest from the international domain on the work they are doing, would generate demand and revive the work in these communities thus driving entrepreneurship. The Artisan Swat Valley Guild tour is also an example of a tour we’ve developed to ensure the local artisans benefit.

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