Pakistan Super League, Season 4

PSL Comes Home

The matches of Pakistan Super League have now ended in Dubai and the teams are now coming back home to play in their homeland, Pakistan. The matches start this Saturday 9th March in Karachi, which is really exciting. I was fortunate enough to have seen a match in Sharjah, between my team Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi King, my husband’s team and if it wasn’t for having to manage the school runs for family commitments, I’d have got myself a ticket to Pakistan to cheer Peshawar Zalmi all the way to the end.

Is Pakistan safe for PSL?

As exciting as watching a game on TV is, it simply doesn’t match the buzz you get when you’re in the stadium surrounded by equally passionate and excited fans. If you have the chance to go to watch the match live in Karachi, I would encourage you to do so. Not only will you get to enjoy the atmosphere in the stadium but no doubt the buzz and atmosphere of the whole city. The fact that the play off matches are being played in Pakistan, despite recent incidents, is a strong sign to the international community, that Pakistan is considered to be a safe place to visit.

Tickets for the PSL matches in Pakistan are now on sale.

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