Women’s International Day, 2019

Women's International Day
Substance of Woman in Society

A day to celebrate the achievements of women all over the world. I want to use today’s post to talk about not the famous women that the media may be covering on stories on to today but the ones who often go unnoticed, are ignored because they don’t get nominated for awards, their targets to achieve are never ending, they work well below minimum wage but carry on martyrs without complaining.

Backbone of Societies

I’m referring to home makers in Pakistan and around the world. In most cases home workers are women, often society forgets about unintentionally, these women also had dreams, aspirations, their own persona and passions. Their transition from girls to women / wives / mothers happens at the blink of an eye and overnight they are expected to know how to cook, clean, manage a family, raise children, become a doctor, a nurse, a driver, a diplomat, a tailor, an event manager etc. The list is endless. Yet many accept this without any complaint and continue to fulfill all of these roles without any promotion, bonus or remuneration let alone overtime.

I want to use today to recognize all of these wonderful women, who form the backbone of societies everywhere.

Efforts of Xperience Pakistan for Women Rights

It is for this very reason, we are working with companies like Chefling Tales and Swat Valley Guild because they enable women to use the skills they’ve learned and developed to be able to create a revenue stream for themselves from it.

Our food tours have been developed with Chefling Tales and we work with local cafes and entrepreneurial women in the Valley’s of Pakistan.

On a slightly more commercial level we are working with local artisans, ensuring they are given the chance to directly sell to you and benefiting from the full profit rather than the retailers, through whom they would normally sell. An interest from the international domain on the work they are doing, would generate demand and revive the work in these communities thus driving entrepreneurship. The Artisan Swat Valley Guild tour is also an example of a tour we’ve developed to ensure the local artisans benefit.

For more ideas and inspirations for our packages in Pakistan do get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Don’t just see it, experience it with Xperience Pakistan.

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