Where are the best places to eat in Peshawar?

Places to eat in Peshawar
Hidden Gems of Peshawar

Peshawar is my hometown and often the forgotten cousin of Islamabad. There are many places to visit in Peshawar that a rough guide book or many websites will tell you about. I have been giving you reasons via my social media feed on what these places are.

However, there are many hidden gems to a city, that you may never learn off unless you have lived their locally or have local friends, like the best places to eat, where to shop.

Cuisines of Peshawar

When it comes to food, whether its authentic or more international cuisines, Peshawar has several options.

If you are looking for something authentic; I’ve been provided the top 10 places to eat by a reliable team member of the famous Peshawar Food Diaries, in no particular order, these are;

  1. Taru jabba Chapli Kebabs
  2. Chowk Nasir Khan desi gee halwa puri, my dadi used to know that I loved halwa puri, so whenever we’d be visiting Pakistan from the UK, she would make sure that we would have halwa puri for breakfast the next day.
  3. Jalil chapli kebab
  4. Namak mandi mutton tikka and Karahi, just writing about this makes my mouth water as I reminiscence the spices and flavors I have devoured on many occasions whilst living in Peshawar.
  5. Nikkay kay Paya breakfast
  6. Chowk Yadgar falooda
  7. Dumpukht, this is a traditional dish often eaten in the tribal areas
  8. Dita halwai ka gajar ka halwa and meethai
  9. Ghata ghar kay beef tikkay
  10. Iqbal burger ka anday and shami wala burger
  11. Laziz chawal at shuba bazar
Mark Wien’s Food tour Peshawar

I warn you now none of this is healthy, good for your diabetes or cholesterol but if you want to live a little and taste some of the best flavors, then these authentic eateries will not disappoint. Mark Wien in his food tour of Peshawar, spoke about the chapli kebab and showed you how these were made. They are often served with large tandoori rotis. I recall in our college days, as friends we would pool our funds together and request the guard at the college gate, whom we were on good terms with, to go to the University campus café and buy us some chappli kebabs and naans. On arrival, we would be the envy of the girls on campus, as the fragrance of chappli kebab diffused and spread across the campus. Just thinking about it brings back nostalgic memories of my time in Jinnah College in Peshawar, without a doubt some of my best years.

International Cuisines in Peshawar

If you are visiting Peshawar with young children, who are fussy eaters, or the sound of the authentic cuisines just sounds too unhealthy for you, then there are also more modern places to eat at and an array of international cuisines on offer.

  1. McDonalds
  2. Hardees
  3. Subway
  4. Pizza Hut
  5. Gloria Jeans Coffee
  6. BBQ Tonight
  7. New Yorker Pizza
  8. Mr Cod
  9. China Terrace
  10. Dunkin Donuts
  11. Dixy Fried Chicken
  12. Turkish Doner House

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