Why did I want Xperience Pakistan to partner with Swat Valley Guild Artisan Project?

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The team at Xperience Pakistan have created a unique experience for millennials, which will help them engage directly with the artisans by visiting them in their home towns. These millennials will gain hands on knowledge from the artisans of the processes involved from raw material to the final product via 4 days of workshops developed in conjunction with Swat Valley Guild. The millennials will be able to create their own unique pieces of wool based scarves. This will not only hopefully inspire the millennials for the future but will also help them recognize and appreciate all the work and intricacies involved in making each piece. We also hope that the artisans will start to understand some of the requirements of an international audience.

The Xperience Pakistan team believes in creating authentic experiences that gives back to the communities through the promotion of entrepreneurship, however it’s also a platform to enable the outside world to access Pakistan and vice versa.

The Work of Swat Valley Guild

Pakistan is home to some of the greatest talent for intricate handicraft from furniture, soft furnishings, jewelry to fashion. It is because of this that we were keen to work with Bizgees in their upcoming crowd funding campaign to promote and support the work of Faryaal Akhtar, to build her exposure and profile. The work they are doing with Swat Valley Guild is inspiring and it is an important aspect of what our company focus is on. To learn more about the work they do, you can go to https://www.bizgees.org/designers-for-refugees.html.

If this is of interest to you and you’d like to participate, whether you are a fashion student or not, contact us today to book yourself on this tour, which is from 18th April – 25th April and only costs £795 per person.

We know that increasingly for consumers but for millennials in particular, giving back to society is just as important as the experience itself. Having a positive impact through our experiences or when travelling to remote and deprived regions, is critical.

Artisan embroidery

In this crowd funding project that bizgees have developed, you will be supporting UK fashion talent, Faryaal Akthar, build her exposure and profile and Debbie Moorhouse, who is an established fashion designer and previously worked with artisans in the Swat Region, creating unique high-end Emerald encrusted hand bag with themShe is co-founder of the International Society for Sustainable Fashion and has collaborated with the SVG to create a collection of luxury handbag designs, incorporating sustainable textiles with the Artisan embroidery in the region and the local emeralds.

It’s exciting to be involved in a project working with people who share the same passion but one that also enables us to promote local British talent as well as entrepreneurship and work amongst people in Pakistan.

The artisans who will fulfill each of your orders gain 4 days of work per unit.  Each bag will generate eco and ethical work for them at a premium of 25% above the market rate for them.

Jobs Opportunities for Artisans

We hope that this initiative will encourage and inspire future British designers be that for fashion or homeware, to work with Artisans such as these in Pakistan, thus reviving the work in these communities and creating jobs amongst them.

This is the first of many projects in our pipeline of socially responsible projects. We are currently exploring other regions such as Sindh and Quetta, which have their own unique handicrafts that would work as a great fusion with prospective British inspired designs but also provide for enlightening experiences for you.

The Swat Valley has a long history of high-end wool based products like scarves, wraps & wall hangings.

For more ideas and inspirations for our packages in Pakistan do get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram page.

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