Food is what brings communities together

Pakoras in Pakistan
The Way to Win a Community’s Heart

There is an expression ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, I feel this expression could be adapted and extended to ‘The way to win a community’s heart is through food’, as a race we love food. The greatest conversations, business deals and connections, always happen over a meal. Friendships start by an invitation to a meal. Our food tours are a 7 or 14 day invitations to come and get to know our cuisines, our people and our country. Our food tours have been carefully crafted and developed with the expertise of Chefling Tales, who are all about eating local.

Culinary Variety of Xperience Pakistan

The food tours help you appreciate the culinary variety that exists between the cities, whilst appreciating the cultural and heritage sights on offer.

Our very first 7-day Food Tour takes place this April from 13th April to 20th April, this tour takes you on a taste adventure from Islamabad to Lahore and back. Enjoy the street food on offer in these cities and learn how to make biryani from scratch by one of the home cooks in Islamabad. Some of the places selected to eat at are in the most idyllic settings and help support local small businesses in the community.

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Don’t just see it, experience it with Xperience Pakistan.

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