Pakistan’s New Visa Policy; From Paper to Digital

Pakistan trekking online visa
Pakistan’s tourist friendly visa policy

The new government recognises that there have been many barriers to entry, making it challenging or a hassle for people to visit Pakistan and it is in recognition of this that last week the government announced that visa’s could now be applied for online. You can visit our page travel advice / visa application to learn more.

This not only moves the country into the modern era but it highlights to the world and its people that Imran Khan’s pledge to focus and build on tourism back in August 2018, weren’t just empty words but he truly is committed to driving this forward.

What’s refreshing to know, is that there is a focus on bringing investment in to ensure that the tourism sector is developed to be able to compete with the global tourism market, however the most important aspect was that there is a lot of focus being put to ensure that we grow in a socially and environmentally responsible way, principles that Xperience Pakistan firmly believe in and try and adhere to across most aspects of our business. Initiatives are being introduced to provide funds to the local communities by the government to enable them to cater for guests in their homes, the two key benefits of this are; local communities will directly benefit from the increase in tourism and tourists will enjoy the most authentic and true experience of Pakistan. The team at Xperience Pakistan are already working with the local community on projects such as the Artisan Tour with the Swat Valley Guild and the Food Tours with Chefling Tales, however as part of our focus to ensure we continue to follow best practise and ensure everything we do has a direct positive impact on the local community, we will start to engage with these local home owners, encouraging our guests to stay with them, in order to enjoy an authentic experience.

Check out the step by step video of Pakistan’s visa application by clicking on the link below.

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