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A Mental Detox is as Important as a Physical

digital detox holiday shangrila skardu
Digital Detox Holidays

Increasingly in this era of technology, where we are all working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, research is showing is that it is resulting in mental health issues, whether it’s in the form of stress or anxiety. As families and parents, we often unintentionally are more engaged with WhatsApp conversations or twitter conversations with friends, families or acquaintances and whilst it’s a great way to stay in touch, unfortunately we can lose focus on then what our children are saying, which often becomes background noise. As a mum I’m just as guilty of it as the next person. The irony is that on the same premise we complain about the children being addicted to IT and not engaging. Children often emulate what they see their parents do. Today’s blog is not a lecture about how you should or shouldn’t use technology but focused on talking about Digital Detox Holidays and why they are critical to take at least once a year. What are Digital Detox holidays, as the name suggests are focused on holidays that disconnect you with the outside world, the world of your friends or acquaintances’ but connects you with your world and your time with your family in the here and now. It’s about going on holidays, where you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or its very limited thus enabling you to spend quality time with your family, taking time out to do things together, whether that’s walking, playing cards or simply talking to one another.

Back to Nature

These are available in many countries and in Pakistan, they can be found in the Northern areas, particularly Chitral, Hunza and Gilgit that allow you to do just that. All the hotels that Xperience Pakistan work with have a minimum standard of 4 stars, so whilst the hotels do have Wi-Fi we encourage you not to connect. Once you leave the hotel, the rest of the region has no Wi-Fi, so rather than looking down at your screen as the world passes you by, you can look up and enjoy the enormity of the mountains that surround you, listen to the birds tweeting and the streams running. Explore the array of itineraries on offer with Xperience Pakistan under experiences/back to nature.

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