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K2 Base Camp

Pakistan trekking online visa
K2 Base Camp trekking tour

This is one of our most popular trekking tours, I have many people keen to go on this trek, not least because its’ the second tallest peak in the world. This tour enables you to see the changing terrain from the start to when you get to the end of it, ranging from green meadows, to rocky mountains to snow capped mountain at the very top.

I’m often asked the question, how fit do you have to be to do it, my response is that whilst I’ve not done it, having spoken to my team their advise is always that you have to be reasonable fit to be able to do this. Reasonably fit is such a vague term, so I googled to see what a cross section of people who have done this have to say.

The general consensus is that be reasonably fit it means that you should be someone who works out at least 3 days a week, if you don’t and wish to do it, then it would be sensible to train for 4-5 months ahead of the trip. This should comprise of running, cross training, stepper and the bike, to build up the muscle above the knees.

Whilst K2 is the second highest peak in the world, it is considered to be more difficult than Everest because the terrain can be more challenging to walk and on occasions climb. As you go higher up and the air becomes thinner, there is risk of altitude sickness, particularly around Gondghoro la, which is at 5600m.

The only months in which this climb is possible are June to September, doing it outside of these months is challenging if not advisable because of the snow conditions.

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