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Ride the Karakorum Highway

bike ride on the karakorum highway pakistan
Motorbike tours across Karakorum Highway

If you’ve read the earlier blogs, in which I covered the travels of Benjamin King, a British motorbike vlogger, you will already be aware of some of the mesmerising beauty there is to see along this route.

I’m not a biker but being married to a biker and having been on a pillion with my husband on his bike, I know that the thrill of seeing something whilst having the wind blowing through your hair and feeling it whip against your face, is incomparable to any drive in a car. It’s the same with the Karakorum Highway, when going on one of our two week packages, the sensorial and raw pleasure you get, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the Northern areas in Pakistan. Around every corner there are raw experiences to enjoy, where everything is in touching distance. Having a Go Pro, is definitely the best way to capture this experience, otherwise you’d be forever stopping to take pictures.

The beauty of our Bike tours, is that you are with other like minded individuals from all over the world, so not only do you enjoy the trip itself you walk away with making some life long friends because of the shared experience.

Our tours start in May and go on until October, however places are getting booked up fast, so if you’d be interested in booking yourself one of these tours for 2019, be quick to avoid disappointment.

For more ideas and inspirations for our packages in Pakistan do get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Don’t just see it, experience it with Xperience Pakistan.

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