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Pakistan a nation of tea lovers

Cynthia D. Ritchie with Pakistani tea
Importance of tea in Pakistan

Pakistan is a nation of tea lovers, there are several varieties of tea on offer from Kawa, a green tea, Karak chai, strong brewed tea, masala chai to Kashmiri chai, a special pink tea served on special occasions.

Much like in the UK, tea is a social drink bringing everyone together, however whilst in the UK tea is often served with biscuits or cakes, in Pakistan it is often served with savoury dishes such as samosa’s, pakora’s or paratha’s.

Given the variety of teas on offer in Pakistan, a young entrepreneur created a tea house, by the name of Chaaye Khana, in Islamabad with a menu that is dedicated to a variety of teas. You could say that Chaaye Khana, is Pakistan’s response to Starbuck or Costa.

Chaaye khana was conceived as an idea long before it was established five years ago in F-6 Islamabad. The idea was to have a tea-centric cafe in a nation, that consumes more tea per capita than any other country, over time the feeling that this had to become reality grew stronger and in the absence of any viable hang-out options for the professionals, the housewives, the family or simply someone who loves a good book with their tea, the idea finally turned into a reality. It now has many franchises all over in Pakistan. Put simply Chaaye Khana is a place where family and friends come to have their favourite type of tea, while relaxing in a congenial atmosphere. A place where you can meet up with friends or grab a book and have tea in solitude.

This is one of many venues that you are able to experience and enjoy on our food tours, which enable you to see the beautiful sights on offer in Islamabad, Lahore and Hunza, whilst enjoying eateries that only a local would know about.

Check out the part 2 of our exclusive food Vlog in which Cynthia Ritchie, in which she shares her love of Doodh patti (authentic Pakistani tea) with Madiha, owner of Chefling Tales. You can also see a preview of the menu of Chaaye Khana.

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