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Why visit Pakistan?

mountains of northern pakistan
Potential of Pakistani Tourism

People often ask me, what there is to see and do in Pakistan, my response is what isn’t there to do. Just yesterday I was briefing some new recruits to the team and giving them a 5-minute summary on the geography of Pakistan, the terrain on offer and the climate. Pakistan offers greenery, desert, mountains as well as some fantastic city life in Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistan is a country that you can only fully appreciate if you make several trips, it’s not a country that you can rush and see in one go. One of the things I promote and encourage on all our itineraries is for people to take their time to enjoy each destination, the people, its ambience, the food because that’s the best way to enjoy and have memorable experiences. Holidays should not be about quickly getting to a spot for a selfie and then on to the next.

The last 8 months have seen several positive changes in the way the government has gone about approaching tourism, which has made it easier for me as there is significantly more marketing material to hand on the promotion of Pakistan, the move of the visa system from paper to online, for overseas Pakistani’s has made it simpler. The development of a tourism task force to ensure that the infrastructure is developed from transportation, roads to education instils further confidence to know that there is a long term commitment and strategy in place.

Eva Zu Beck developed this video and whilst its targeting potential investors, what I liked about it was the creativity of its execution, which beautifully summarised all the different natural beauty on offer.

Enjoy the video and if you are interested in seeing the beauty on offer yourself than give us a call and we’d be happy to assist.

For more ideas and inspirations for our packages in Pakistan do get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Don’t just see it, experience it with Xperience Pakistan.

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