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The voice for Xperience Pakistan

singing competition xperience pakistan
Xperience Pakistan believes music is a universal language

Music is a language that cross all borders and connects people from all faiths and communities, if it has the right melody it can touch people’s hearts of all ages, colours and background.

This is the purpose of launching the Song competition, whilst we could commission and pay someone, we believe that it is our responsibility that we give our struggling artists and youth an opportunity for overseas exposure through our overseas connection.

Xperience Pakistan offers a spectrum of experiences from Adventure, Recreational, Honeymoons, Back to Nature & Cultural to show the world the diverse range of activities on offer in Pakistan. To promote the different facets, we have different content, however because of this diversity we recognize that one song will not work across all of these different categories. It is for this reason we are giving our entrants a choice of category for which they wish to enter a song.

It is however critical that the lyrics are describing all there is to see and experience in Pakistan, enticing people and creating a desire for people to want to visit Pakistan. This song will be used not only on videos but also for the purpose of radio, so it’s important that the lyrics are powerful that upon hearing it people know it’s about Pakistan, even if the visual cues aren’t there.

For more ideas and inspirations for our packages in Pakistan do get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Don’t just see it, experience it with Xperience Pakistan.

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