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How do we empower the locals & women in Pakistan?

Home Stays on Female Tours
Traditional Home in Hunza
Locals having a meal in their home in Hunza


2020 has been a wash out for everyone in travel and whilst we have suffered the locals in the rural areas of Pakistan have suffered even more. Our Sisterhood of the North tour deliberately has a heavy focus on women, whilst we have nothing against men, we know that women have different interests to men, therefore the beauty of this tour is that we have paced it and created it with an itinerary that women would enjoy and find interesting.

Empowering Activities

We have tried to include numerous activities which we have included which empower the locals, we have a couple of home stays, which are guest houses that the local people of Hunza own. This enables you to live as the locals do and many previous clients have said that it has been one of the highlights of the trip. The Home Stays provide the locals with an extra income and provides for an authentic experience for you. We have also organised for a musical evening with local musicians and meals at the homes of the local. Such experiences add to the authenticity and make it a rewarding tour, knowing that it’s not just the big corporates that are benefitting from the tourism we bring in.

Changing Perceptions

One of my goals, when I set the company up was to showcase the progressive side of Pakistan and some of the positive work we do with the women in Pakistan, which is often overlooked. On this tour we take you to a female only run carpentry and carpet shop in Hunza, giving you the chance to not only see how the furniture and carpets are made by the women but some of these items could make great gifts for friends and family.

Most importantly we have a collaborated with a local female tour operator, Aneeqa, to create and develop this tour to not only empower her but also to ensure that some nervous female travellers are put at ease.

As a female I feel that I only have the right to lead speak about the topic of empowering women, if I am implementing and putting it into practice into my business and everything I do.

This is one of a line up of tours that we have which empower women. Other tours that do this are our Meet the Artisan Tour & Chefling Tales Food Tour which have been developed with the local female entrepreneurs.

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