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mountains of northern pakistan

Why visit Pakistan?

Potential of Pakistani Tourism People often ask me, what there is to see and do in Pakistan, my response is what isn’t there to do. Just yesterday I was briefing some new recruits to the team and giving them a 5-minute summary on the geography of Pakistan, the terrain on offer and the climate. Pakistan […]

Cynthia D. Ritchie with Pakistani tea

Pakistan a nation of tea lovers

Importance of tea in Pakistan Pakistan is a nation of tea lovers, there are several varieties of tea on offer from Kawa, a green tea, Karak chai, strong brewed tea, masala chai to Kashmiri chai, a special pink tea served on special occasions. Much like in the UK, tea is a social drink bringing everyone […]

Karak Chai Pakistan

Food is the essence of Pakistani society

The famous cuisines of Pakistan Pakistan is famous for many cuisines such as Biryani, Karahi Gosht, Chapli Kebab, Nihari etc. Every city is famous for a particular dish, in Peshawar its Chapli Kebabs and Karahi Gosht, in Lahore its Nihari and in Karachi its Biryani. This is mainly because within Pakistan there exist many different […]

bike ride on the karakorum highway pakistan

Ride the Karakorum Highway

Motorbike tours across Karakorum Highway If you’ve read the earlier blogs, in which I covered the travels of Benjamin King, a British motorbike vlogger, you will already be aware of some of the mesmerising beauty there is to see along this route. I’m not a biker but being married to a biker and having been […]

Pakistan trekking online visa

K2 Base Camp

K2 Base Camp trekking tour This is one of our most popular trekking tours, I have many people keen to go on this trek, not least because its’ the second tallest peak in the world. This tour enables you to see the changing terrain from the start to when you get to the end of […]

Wagha Border pakistan

The Wagha Border Experience

My experience of Wagha Border’s flag lowering ceremony It would be a shame to go to Lahore and not make the effort of going to the Wagha Border, which is the line of partition between India and Pakistan and about 45 minutes drive from Lahore town centre. I visited last July with my cousins. I […]

Pakistan Day Event in London

Celebrations on Pakistan Day (23rd March) around the world

Importance of 23rd March in Pakistani History 23rd March holds a great deal of importance in Pakistan and is a public holiday. This date is important for two reasons, firstly it was the day the Lahore resolution was passed in 1940, in which the idea of Pakistan was developed without it actually having a name, […]

defence raya golf club

Easter Holidays with Xperience Pakistan

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club Easter holidays are round the corner and if you still haven’t booked your holidays and are looking for last minute inspiration, then take a look at The Raya Golf & Country Club, this is one of our partnering resorts. If you are a family with a diverse age range […]

digital detox holiday shangrila skardu

A Mental Detox is as Important as a Physical

Digital Detox Holidays Increasingly in this era of technology, where we are all working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, research is showing is that it is resulting in mental health issues, whether it’s in the form of stress or anxiety. As families and parents, we often unintentionally are more engaged with WhatsApp […]

PSL Season 4 final quetta vs peshawar

PSL Season 4: The Final Showdown

PSL Season 4 Finale: Peshawar Zalmi vs. Quetta Gladiators It’s been an exciting few weeks and since the PSL matches have been playing at home, the fans and cricketers have been ecstatic, nothing beats playing a sport loved by the nation on their home ground. The team at Xperience Pakistan have being doing their best […]