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Women Run Carpet Shop in Hunza

  2020 has been a wash out for everyone in travel and whilst we have suffered the locals in the rural areas of Pakistan have suffered even more. Our Sisterhood of the North tour deliberately has a heavy focus on women, whilst we have nothing against men, we know that women have different interests to men, therefore the beauty of this tour is that we have paced it and created...
xperience pakistan shopping
I’m not a shopaholic, I’m helping the economy Every year several overseas Pakistani’s visit Pakistan, primarily for the purpose of shopping, however increasingly women overseas are working so, when they come to Pakistan, they often have limited time of 2 weeks. For the frequent travelers to Pakistan, you will know that navigating around Pakistan is a challenge due to the huge selection of designers and boutiques now available, as well...
swat valley artisans
Xperience Pakistan believes in Social Enterprise The key premise of our company is about creating unique experiences in Pakistan through which we can educate people of the true Pakistan and the array of things on offer. However we believe it’s important we do this with the locals in order to create jobs and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the community in Pakistan, particularly the youth and people in the rural areas or...
singing competition xperience pakistan
Xperience Pakistan believes music is a universal language Music is a language that cross all borders and connects people from all faiths and communities, if it has the right melody it can touch people’s hearts of all ages, colours and background. This is the purpose of launching the Song competition, whilst we could commission and pay someone, we believe that it is our responsibility that we give our struggling artists...
malamjabba zip lining experience
Malamjabba’s amazing Zip-lining experience As a global community, the one thing that we are not willing to sacrifice is our holidays, if times are hard we will resort to buying own label or go out less but our need for an annual holiday is recession proof. Part of this is related to the fact that with such fast paced 24 hour lives, we realize that a holiday is the only...
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