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Women Run Carpet Shop in Hunza

malamjabba zip lining experience
Malamjabba’s amazing Zip-lining experience As a global community, the one thing that we are not willing to sacrifice is our holidays, if times are hard we will resort to buying own label or go out less but our need for an annual holiday is recession proof. Part of this is related to the fact that with such fast paced 24 hour lives, we realize that a holiday is the only...
sharda temple azad kashmir
Exploring Sharda Temple in Azad Kashmir After having stayed our first night in Keran, Neelum Valley, next morning we started our journey for Sharda. It was raining since last night and was quite a cold morning, on our way we stopped at a local Dhaba to have some tea and pakoras, we met some local people there who were also enjoying tea in the chilly weather, they told us about...
keran neelum valley view
Beautiful Keran, located in Azad Kashmir Last weekend my friends and I made a trip to Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. We started our journey around 4:00 am from Islamabad, We reached Muzaffarabad at around 8:00 am and had breakfast at a hilltop restaurant where we had a mesmerizing view of the entire city. Afterwards, we started travelling towards Keran city, we made stops at Dhani and Kutton waterfalls and enjoyed...
mountains of northern pakistan
Potential of Pakistani Tourism People often ask me, what there is to see and do in Pakistan, my response is what isn’t there to do. Just yesterday I was briefing some new recruits to the team and giving them a 5-minute summary on the geography of Pakistan, the terrain on offer and the climate. Pakistan offers greenery, desert, mountains as well as some fantastic city life in Lahore and Karachi....
Cynthia D. Ritchie with Pakistani tea
Importance of tea in Pakistan Pakistan is a nation of tea lovers, there are several varieties of tea on offer from Kawa, a green tea, Karak chai, strong brewed tea, masala chai to Kashmiri chai, a special pink tea served on special occasions. Much like in the UK, tea is a social drink bringing everyone together, however whilst in the UK tea is often served with biscuits or cakes, in...
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