Responsible Travel

Socially Responsible

As a company we’d like to ensure that we are investing back into our country.

We want to offer the chance for tourists to have dinner with a local family in need of an extra income, thus giving them an additional source of income and giving our guests the experience of a traditional home cooked meal as well as an insight on what dinner time looks like in a Pakistani household.

In addition we’d like to allocate a proportion of our profits to assisting families with sustainability projects enabling them to become self-sufficient so investing in their long term rather than momentary.

As part of our experience offer, we envision working with local street kids in which we pay them to help put together a cricket match on the street, photography walk about etc. Thus boosting local businesses as well as encouraging street children to work for their money rather than beg.

We are pleased to be working with and supporting the Shahid Afridi foundation.