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To enable you to plan for your week, please see the 5 day weather forecast for key cities in Pakistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan

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Lahore, Pakistan
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Karachi, Pakistan
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Gilgit, Pakistan
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Hunza, Pakistan
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Chitral, Pakistan
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Quetta, Pakistan
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Pakistan has several events throughout the year, we’ve highlighted key events that occur in each of the months to help you plan for your holidays.


Sunday 13th October Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (Sindh only)

National Horse & Cattle Show (Lahore)
Sunday 10th November Eid Milad-un-Nabi (tbc)
Tuesday 12th November Guru Nanak Birthday 
Chaumas Festival
Wednesday 25th December Quaid-e-azam’s  Birthday & Christmas Day (Observed by Christians only)
Thursday 26th December Day after Christmas (Observed by Christians only)
1st Jan - Bank Holiday

Wednesday 5th Kashmir Day

Lahore Literary Festival (Lahore only)

Pakistan Flower Show (Karachi)

Karachi Literary Festival (Karachi)

Saturday 21st March Holi (Sindh only)

Monday 23rd March Pakistan Day


Mela Chiraghan

Friday 3rd April Shab e Meraj (Sindh only)
Saturday 4th April Death anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (Sindh only)
Islamabad Literature Festival (Islamabad)
Cineaste One Student Film Festival (Karachi)

Friday 1st May Labour Day

Joshi Spring Festival


Friday 5th June Eid ul Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Gianni Festival (Hunza Valley)

Shandur Polo Festival

12th - 13th August Eid ul Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

14th August Eid ul Adha (Independence Day)

Uchal Festival

Defence Day
Air force day
Tuesday 10th September Ashoora 9th Day of Muharram
Wednesday 11th September Ashoora 10th Day of Muharram
Phool Festival



Pakistan is an Islamic country and whereas key cities are more liberal, some of the more remoter parts, particularly in the North areas are still more conservative. We request that these are respected. Below are our tips on what is acceptable, covering of head by females, is not required except when you enter the mosques.

You do not need to cover your hair, except when you enter a mosque or other religious buildings which require you, to as a mark of respect. 

It is better to wear loose trousers due to the heat and travel conditions, however if you choose to wear dresses and skirts than it is recommend you wear a longer length at least up to your shins.

Whilst sleeveless tops are acceptable in key cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad we would recommend tops with sleeves are worn in more traditional and conservative cities and towns like Peshawar and the Northern areas. Spaghetti straps or bearing of shoulders is not permissible and in most areas would be frowned upon. 

Necklines should be such that no cleavage is shown. 

There are several airports that you can fly into in Pakistan, if you are planning to visit the Northern areas, then the best airport to fly into is Islamabad, as this is where the tours would start from. If you are an investor and planning a visit to see Gwader, then Karachi airport would be the best airport to fly into, from where you can get a connecting domestic flight. Both Gilgit and Chitral have airports, domestic airlines to these airports can be used from Islamabad airport


Applying for your Visa could never be easier, please watch the video to learn how’. To start applying for your online visa, please click the icon below. You can download the instructions provided on how to navigate round the online portal.


Every country has its own visa fee, to find out how much it would cost for you, simply click on your corresponding geographic location.Unfortunately at present the online visa system is only available for Overseas Pakistani’s, Non-Pakistani’s still have to apply for their visa’s through the embassies.




To help you understand how many rupees you would get for your currency, simply click on the corresponding currency, which will you give a rough idea.


Below is a detailed map, helping you understand the geographic location of each of the destinations the itineraries talk about & to help you plan your journey, if you wish to do it by yourself.

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                  Pakistan is a country with varying terrains and climates across the country and throughout the year, apart from being a nation of food lovers, we also love our beverages, beneath are some of the common drinks the people of Pakistan enjoy and advise on what should be avoided and is not permitted.

                  Mineral Water

                  Tap water should be avoided and only bottled water should be consumed.


                  As a muslim country, this is forbidden and should be avoided.


                  This is popular drink drunk after meals as a form of digestion made of green leaves.

                  Pink Tea

                  Also known as Pink Tea, this is a luxurious tea often drunk on special occasions.

                  Karak Chai

                  This is a strong brewed tea and the most common variant, often drunk by the drivers in Pakistan.

                  Rooh Afza

                  A refreshing sweet fruity cordial, which can be drunk with water or milk.


                  This is a refreshing yogurt drink drunk on host days, it can be consumer with salt or sugar. You can also get a fruity mango variant.

                  Sugarcane Juice

                  This is a drink made of sugar cane and is a sweet refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot day.

                  Before travelling to Pakistan, certain immunisations are needed, please ensure that these are taken. You can often have these at your surgery, some of these have to be purchased and are not on the NHS. The links provided will give you more information of the injections. For most areas in Pakistan, it is also essential that Malaria tablets are taken, this is of particular importance if you are travelling in the summer months. These can be bought over the counter from your local pharmacist.

                  We always advise you to check your country’s Travel advice about travelling to Pakistan and make an informed decision.


                  Image Map

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